Born in Wisconsin, and a resident of Illinois since 1995, Shannon Geier has always believed in Midwestern values and work ethic.  Through Geier Law LLC, Ms. Geier practices law with those same beliefs, integrity and professionalism. 

It is the mission of Geier Law to help people who are struggling with debt and who need legal help to get back on track so that they can live their lives, without the troubles and harassment that are sometimes associated with being in debt.  While there are many consumer rights attorneys who are legitimate, there are not enough who are truly motivated by the rights of you, the consumer. 

We know the collection industry extremely well and can use our expertise to help you.  Prior to representing consumers, Ms. Geier represented some of the largest debt collection companies in the world.  She has insider knowledge of the debt collection industry, policies and procedures, phone systems used, and daily practices that can be invaluable in representing you with your claim.

Ms. Geier is authorized to practice law in the federal courts of Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.  If you live in another state, and need legal help, we can still help.  Call us and see what we can do for you.

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